Thursday, 19 December 2013

Goodbye Parkvale :(

Goodbye Parkvale school

I have appreciated what you have done for me.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas gifts for family

These are the Christmas presents I would give my family

Diamond cluster earrings
Merry xmas mum I know you love jewellery.

Mens ccc nrl warriors 2013 training shirt
It was hard to decide but i got you a warriors shirt
Assassin's creed IV Ps3
This is for you xav I know you love this. Merry Xmas

funky kids bean bag
Davis loves beanbags he jumps on them all the time

Ps3 cod ghosts
He would do anything for this game he loves it

Ps3 Gta 5
Because I love gta I want it so bad

TOTAL: $469

Year 6 camp reflection

Year 6 camp reflection by tycam209 on GoAnimate

This is my year 6 camp reflection but on a goanimate.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Road safety poster

This is my bike safety Poster. It explains how important it is to wear bright clothes while riding your bike on the road.

Toilet bike advert

I have made an advert for a bike. This is not a normal bike. Its a TOILET BIKE!!!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bike hazards

You know how you're just riding along on your bike on a regular old day day then BAM! A cat jumps out in front of you. There are no super heroes to save you now. What will you do. Stop and think to yourself, “I really need to watch out for hazards because I could hurt myself”. Read on to found out more about keeping safe around hazards.

Animals and people can be a real hazard when you're biking on the footpath. When you are biking on the footpath a cat or person could walk out in front of you. You should stop and let them past because if you don’t stop you could crash into them and hurt them.

Parked cars may look harmless but they are hazards. When you see a parked car look through the back window to see if anyone is in the car because if you go around by the drivers door and there is someone in there SPLAT you'll be on the ground because the driver tried to get out of the car. you also need to watch out if the driver backs up because you don’t want to end up like my flat mate.

Cars must be able to see you when you're riding your bike. It is best to wear bright clothes so cars can see you. You must use your hand signals when you turning corners and stopping.
Make sure cars know what you're doing.

In conclusion when you're biking you need to look out for hazards or you might end up in the hospital. Make sure you always on the look out for cars coming out of driveways. Bike safely and don’t end up like my flat mate.


Riding a bike on the road can be a lot of fun but you need to be on the lookout for dangers at all times. You can’t just ride your bike without being aware of what is going on around you. Riding a bike takes concentration. Ask yourself , “Am I a safe cyclist?”
Passing a parked car can be a hazard. The driver might open the door as you pass or it could even drive away. Take care you ensure no traffic is coming before passing it and don’t go too close to the door in case it opens. You can usually see if there is a driver in the front seat though.
Animals and even people can be hazards. Often animals can run out onto the road right in front of cars or bikes. They don’t even look. People are almost as bad especially little kids who can run onto the road or chase a ball.
When the road is wet it can make it very slippery. Be careful when turning and stay off those painted lines and signs as they are as slippery as ice. Also take care when riding over railway lines go straight not on an angle.
Cars in driveways can sometimes reverse out unexpectedly. If you see a car up a driveway and it looks like it might come out be ready to stop or get out of the way quickly. Remember though to make sure that nothing is coming behind you either.
Intersections are where most accidents happen. When you are travelling through one take extra care. If you think the other vehicles haven’t seen you or they seem to be going too fast to stop then wait. If in doubt go onto the foot path and go through the intersection like a pedestrian does.
So remember when you ride your bike on the road you must always be looking for hazards. If you spot a hazard then be ready to stop or avoid it. If a car and a bike crash it’s almost always the bike rider that comes off worst. Be a safe cyclist.

This is my road signs