Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Optimist yachting reflection

Optimist yachting day 1 by tycam209 on GoAnimate
Reflection for
Something I was pleased with was how most people participated in yachting and kayaking because its a great opportunity for us to get out on the yacht.
I really enjoyed learning how keep the yacht afloat because if the yacht was right about to tip we would know how to get it back to normal.

Something I found hard was walking across the kayaks because the boats would always move in and out
Something that made me think was that we have to put our right hand on the blue tape because if we put our left hand on the blue tape I would be holding the paddle upside down.
Something I want to get better at is steering that yacht in the right direction.
I can find where the wind is coming from then I can tack towards the right buoy

My next goal is to sail a yacht on my own

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